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Is my camera / lens supported by FoCal?

The Supported Cameras page gives details of Nikon and Canon dSLR cameras which work with Reikan FoCal and their supported FoCal Mode.

All auto focus lenses that are compatible with a supported camera will work with FoCal. These can be Canon, Nikon as well as 3rd party including Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses. FoCal Plus is limited to lenses up to and including 400mm (ignoring crop factor), FoCal Pro has no such limitation and works with any focal length.

Cameras not listed on the supported cameras page will not work with FoCal (check the Reikan FoCal blog for news on recently released cameras and find out about upcoming FoCal support).

Cameras not supported by FoCal include all Sony / Pentax / Panasonic / Olympus cameras. FoCal’s support for a wider range of cameras is something we continue to investigate. Both Nikon and Canon make available a software library that FoCal uses to connect to these cameras. This type of software control is slowly starting to become possible for other cameras and when it does you can be sure we will look to extend FoCal to work with them.