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Which version of Reikan FoCal should I buy?

Reikan FoCal comes in two flavours, FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro, both versions will automatically calibrate auto focus but there are some differences. FoCal Pro provides more in-depth information and offers extra features and functions.

FoCal Plus includes Fully Automatic Calibration which automatically sets up the camera, captures full resolution images and validates auto focus consistency for each point. Each image is analysed and FoCal predicts the best AF Microadjustment or AF Fine Tune setting. With some cameras this is completely automatic and other cameras run in User Assisted mode which is automatic apart from user prompts to set the AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune value at specific times. There is a limit on the lens focal length that can be calibrated, any lens with a focal length greater than 400mm (ignoring crop factor) may not be calibrated with this version*.

FoCal Pro provides extra functionality, including detailed PDF reports, more control over the camera setup and extra tests such as focus consistency, aperture sharpness and analyses for sensor dust. Detailed calibration and test results data is stored and archived for later review. With FoCal Pro you also get to compare your results with other FoCal users around the world.

Some of the extra features available within FoCal Pro that don’t exist within FoCal Plus include:

  • Focus Consistency Test the consistency of autofocus for each camera and lens
  • Aperture Sharpness Measure sharpness across the full aperture range
  • Dust Analysis Quantify sensor dust across the aperture range to decide if the sensor needs cleaning
  • PDF Reports Save PDF reports from calibrations and tests

Note: you can upgrade from FoCal Plus to FoCal Pro at any time. There is no upgrade fee other than the price difference between versions. If you purchase a license for the Plus version and later decide to upgrade to Pro, simply pay the difference and your licence will update to enable the extra features.

* FoCal Pro is required for lenses over 400mm

Detailed comparison information is available on the Version Comparison page.