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Reikan FoCal Pre-Release Software

There are 3 different types of FoCal releases which we call Stable, Beta and Alpha.

What does Stable, Beta and Alpha mean?


A Stable release of FoCal is fully tested, production ready release of the software. This is the final version of each release, with maximum reliability and full support by our team.

There will always be a current Stable release of FoCal available, we recommend most users stay with the latest Stable release.

If you are technically inclined or interested in specific new functionality we’ve love you to try out pre-releases and help us improve FoCal by providing feedback.


A Beta release of FoCal is close to Stable but may be going through its final test cycles so it’s almost ready, but not quite. Beta releases will be made available as we get towards the end of testing in order to allow both early access to features and to get feedback on the software in order to ensure high quality Stable releases.

NOTE: While we welcome feedback for Beta releases, we do not provide support, if you are using a Beta release which doesn’t meet your needs you should revert to the current Stable release.


Alpha versions of FoCal are early releases.  They will be made available for technically minded users to see the latest features and to help in the development of FoCal through testing and feedback.

An Alpha release is likely to include issues and should not be relied upon to work fully. There may be missing features, there may be known issues and some bugs. Alpha releases will contain the latest “bleeding edge” features, experimental functionality and show the potential direction for upcoming releases.

NOTE: Like Beta releases, we welcome feedback but we do not provide support, if you are using an Alpha release which doesn’t meet your needs you should revert to either the latest Beta release or the current Stable release.

How do I get Pre-Release Software?

When Pre-Release software is available, we will publicise it in the following places:

* Note that in order to see Alpha/Beta releases in the software Update Notification you must be using FoCal 2.9 or later and select either Alpha or Beta as the chosen channel (choose About > Update Check in the software):

Update Check

You can also access Pre-Release downloads (when available) by logging into your Reikan FoCal account page by visiting and clicking Show Pre-Release Downloads (near the top):

Downloading Reikan FoCal Pre-Releases