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What does the license cover?

When you buy FoCal you are buying a single user license to use the software. This license grants the following:

  • Register and use FoCal with up to 5 supported cameras registered at any one time
  • List of registered cameras can be changed a number of times for personal equipment changes*
  • Install Reikan FoCal on multiple computers which can be a mix of Windows and Mac based systems
  • Unlimited calibrations with no limit imposed by FoCal on the number of lenses which can be calibrated
  • Cross platform licence, use FoCal on Mac or Windows (or a mix of both platforms)
  • 12 months of updates, after 12 months you continue using the version of FoCal available at that time
  • 12 months access to FoCal comparison data, compare results with users around the world (FoCal Pro)

*In order to support equipment changes you can add and remove registered cameras on your license quickly and easily. There is a limit to the number of times you can update the license before having to contact us, it’s enough to cover many years of upgrades for most users.