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Live View Zoom Not Centred

When running certain tests, you may see a warning that the live-view zoom is not centred:

Why am I seeing this?

This message is referring entirely to the Live View zoom position on your camera and is nothing to do with the position in which you have set up your camera and target.

Certain tests use analysis of the Live View image in order to make measurements or set up shots, and generally, this is performed when the Live Vie feed is zoomed. You won’t see anything on the back of the camera when this happens – it’s all transferred automatically to FoCal.

For some cameras, FoCal cannot automatically move the position of the zoom rectangle for Live View but can detect when it is not in the correct position, and that’s when you’ll see this warning.

The Zoom Rectangle

The Zoom/Focus Rectangle is a marker on the screen which shows you where Live View will zoom in on the image. Here’s an example of the Zoom Rectangle being in the wrong position – not in the centre, but instead a little too far up and to the right. This will trigger the warning shown above:

When the warning is shown, Live View should also be enabled on the camera (see below if not).

Using the camera controls, you now need to centre the Live View zoom rectangle. You can manually move the zoom rectangle with the camera controls, but there is usually a short-cut to centre the rectangle:

  • For cameras with a joystick, you can often press the joystick (like a button), and this will centre the zoom rectangle
  • For Canon cameras without a joystick, you can hit the Delete (trash can) button
  • For Nikon cameras, pressing the OK button should centre the rectangle.

What you’re aiming for is the zoom rectangle to be in the centre of the camera screen as shown below:

Just to reiterate – this has nothing to do with the position of the FoCal target. This adjustment could be made with any image on the screen, you’re just looking to get the rectangle in the centre of the camera screen.

No Live View Image

For some cameras, FoCal cannot show the Live View image when the warning message is shown. In order to correct the zoom rectangle position for these cameras, you should:

  • Stop the test in FoCal
  • Head back to the camera page and choose Disconnect
  • Start up Live View on the camera manually (you may have to disconnect the cable from the camera to start Live View)
  • Adjust the position of the Live View zoom rectangle to the centre of the screen
  • Stop Live View, reconnect the camera and hit Connect in FoCal