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How To Capture a Debug Log

FoCal Debug Logging

Creating a debug log is not something most users will need, the debug feature should only be enabled when directed to do so by the support team.

Debug logging captures in-depth information about FoCal software and saves this information to a logging file on the local computer system.

Log Files

Once logging is enabled there will be a single log file created in the selected folder or directory each time FoCal is run. The name of the the file will be something like 201127_140835_FoCal.dbg2 (the first parts are just the date on which the file was created).

Once the debug log file is captured please send the file to the support team as an attachment to your support reply email.

Things To Note

  • Debug logs can get quite large when FoCal is running for long periods. To keep things simple, please start FoCal with logging enabled, run just the part of the scenario that’s enough to recreate the problem under investigation then close FoCal (closing FoCal ensures the entire log file is written to disk).
  • It’s possible in some situations the image crops from FoCal will be stored within the debug information, please ensure you are happy to share these captured images with the support team.
  • We don’t suggest users should generally run FoCal with logging as it can in some cases change FoCal behaviour. Once the debug log is captured and sent to the support team debug logging should be turned off.

Enabling Debug Logging

Some of the screen shots below show the process using a Windows based system, the process is very much the same for macOS based systems (the directory browser is different on macOS).

Start FoCal and select “Settings” from the “Help” menu at the top:

Help Settings Menu

Scroll down the Settings screen and click “Advanced Settings”:

Advanced Settings Open

Click “Browse” to open the folder / directory browser window:

Advanced Settings Browse

Use folder / directory browser to choose where FoCal will save the debug log file, Desktop or Documents is fine (pick somewhere you will easily find!). This browser will look different on macOS but the process is the same:

Folder Browser

The logging dialog will display to make sure you intended to turn on debug logging, click “OK”:

Logging Dialog Popup

Debug logging is set up at this point, you must close FoCal, click the top right hand close icon to close down FoCal:

Close FoCal

Restart FoCal to enable debug logging, the start up screen will display “Logging Enabled” as a reminder:

FoCal Debug Logging Splash Screen

Now debug logging is enabled and FoCal is running:

  • Run FoCal to the point that shows the problem under investigation.
  • Close down FoCal (this ensures the log file is written completely to disk).
  • Go to the folder / directory which contains the newly created debug log file and attach to the support email response.

Disable Debug Logging

This process is reverse of the enable logging process, start FoCal, enter Settings, Advanced Settings and drag the slider as shown below:

Disable FoCal Debug Logging

Close FoCal, when FoCal next starts debug logging will not be running.