Nikon Firmware Bug ( doesn’t affect ANY automatic FoCal Testing)

During the development of FoCal 1.9, we’ve found a bug in the firmware of all Nikon cameras we’ve tested with which will affect the procedure used for running the FoCal Manual Mode test and other situations where the AF Fine Tune value in the image metadata is of importance. **PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT AFFECT …

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FoCal 1.8 arriving Monday

Reikan FoCal 1.8 Arriving 04-03-2013

FoCal 1.8 will be released on Monday for both Windows and Mac – this will be a general availability release and represents the first non-beta release for Mac computers. Those of you who have used the FoCal 1.8 Release Candidate won’t notice a huge difference, but we’ve made the following changes: – Fixed an issue …

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FoCal 1.8 Beta Released: Native OSX Nikon Support and LMS Integration

We’re pleased to announce the first beta release of FoCal 1.8 for both Windows and Mac, which brings a completely new way of communicating with Nikon cameras on Mac computers, a huge improvement to the licensing system and several general use bug fixes. Updates and Fixes The following is a list of the additions and …

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