August Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on things that are happening at Reikan:

Order Shipping

Please note that any order for hard targets placed after 14th August will be shipped in early September.

Nikon D810

We’re still waiting for Nikon to release the documentation for the D810!  It took them longer than usual for the D4S, but we hoped that this was just a one off – it does seem that they are now taking 2 months to get the documentation released for new cameras.

FoCal 2

We had hoped to get the first test release of FoCal 2 out at the end of July, but during some final testing we made a decision to make a significant architectural change.  This has delayed the release but will allow us to integrate some functionality in a way that wasn’t previously possible and we’re really excited about the prospects of this.  Unfortunately it means we won’t have a test build out until September, but we think the wait will be worth it.


Have a great summer whatever you’re doing, and I hope you’re getting lots of opportunities to get out and shoot!

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