FoCal in a Box!

There’s been a lot going on at Reikan recently, and one of the things we’ve finished is to get FoCal ready as a product to sell in shops.

The new FoCal boxes, along with the USB extension cable, some Hard Targets and Quick Start guides

What do you get?

The box itself contains a new Hard Target and mounting pads so there’s no need to print the target out if you buy a boxed copy of FoCal.  We’ve included a 3m USB extension cable which solves a few problems for customers.  Firstly, it means you’ve got much more flexibility as to where to put your camera, but at 3m you’ll still stay within all the specifications of the USB standard (which limits to 5m/16ft).  Secondly, for the D800 this cable will force the camera to run in USB 2 mode (which is a requirement for FoCal on the Mac).

Finally, there’s a Quick Start guide, which explains how to obtain the software, install it on your PC or Mac and connect your camera to the computer to run your first calibration.  The Quick Start guide also contains an Activation Code which you use to create your license and download FoCal first of all.

The FoCal Hard Target

On Show

We presented this for the first time at the local Castle Cameras Spring Shoot show on 20th May, and got an amazing reception!  We offered a free calibration service at the show and calibrated nearly 100 cameras and lenses throughout the day with lots of very happy people going away with the capability to shoot sharper pictures.  A few customers had lenses that were right at the end of the calibration range, and they were astounded by the quality improvement FoCal could bring to their images.

How do I get it?

Right now, we’re only selling through Castle Cameras in the UK – you can use the following links to buy the product:

FoCal Pro:

FoCal Plus:

We’re looking to sell the boxed product on the FoCal website in the near future, as well as the Hard Targets and USB Extension Cables as an extra purchase for people who already own the software.

Let us know what you think!

We’d love to hear what you think about FoCal in a box!  Would you be interested in buying the Hard Target?

4 comments on “FoCal in a Box!

    • Thanks! We’ll start selling the hard targets on the website and other places shortly – keep an eye on the blog for more information over the coming weeks.

  • Detlev Habicht says:

    The extra purchase is a good idea for owner of this software. I would like to buy it. (Maybe the box without license.)


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