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Nikon Df Support in FoCal

Nikon Df

We’ve had confirmation from Nikon that there will be documentation available for the Nikon Df camera, so as soon as it’s available we’ll be able to evaluate whether we can support this camera in FoCal.  Whilst there are potentially quite a few internal changes from any other cameras, we’re not expecting too many surprises. The documentation …

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Reikan FoCal on OS X Mavericks (and the Nikon D610)

[Update: FoCal 1.9.2. has now been released – further information here] We’ve been testing the latest release of Reikan FoCal on OS X Mavericks – the new Mac Operating System (OS X version 10.9), and from our testing along with feedback from a few customers we are seeing almost everything working as it should.

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Nikon Firmware Bug ( doesn’t affect ANY automatic FoCal Testing)

During the development of FoCal 1.9, we’ve found a bug in the firmware of all Nikon cameras we’ve tested with which will affect the procedure used for running the FoCal Manual Mode test and other situations where the AF Fine Tune value in the image metadata is of importance. **PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT AFFECT …

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