Snapshots for iOS & Android: Available Now!

Introducing FoCal Snapshots: the ultimate app for capturing, preserving and customising your Nikon camera settings! Now you can quickly and easily configure hundreds of settings on your camera at the tap of a screen.

Reikan FoCal Snapshots Hero image, showing various screenshots and 3 Nikon cameras


Are you tired of manually noting down your camera settings or constantly adjusting your device to recreate the perfect shot? Say hello to Snapshots, a new app that’s here to change the game for photographers.

An image showing Reikan FoCal Snapshots connected to a camera with a USB cable.
Connect over USB, and in one tap you can grab hundreds of camera settings

Snapshots is an innovative app, based on the FoCal Pro (Desktop) Snapshots feature and designed to capture your camera’s settings, allowing you to edit and adjust them as you please, and then effortlessly restore them to your camera. Say goodbye to the tedious process of remembering or replicating settings – Snapshots is here to make your photography sessions more efficient and enjoyable than ever.

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FoCal Snapshots Features

Capture Your Camera Settings with Ease

With Snapshots, you can easily capture your camera’s settings – basic settings such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, but also far more in depth details such as custom white balance configurations, autofocus tracking priorities and image aberration correction options.

Hundreds of camera settings are automatically captured in one tap

The app automatically detects your camera’s model, ensuring that it captures all the relevant settings and interprets them in the right way for a seamless experience.

Edit and Adjust Settings with Precision

FoCal Snapshots’ intuitive interface allows you to edit and fine-tune your camera settings to your heart’s content.

An image showing 3 mobile devices with various settings editors for Reikan FoCal Snapshots on the screens.
Custom editors – settings lists, text editing and even white balance adjustment

Experiment with different configurations to find the perfect balance for your desired shot, without the hassle of manual adjustments. Changes on the screen are automatically reflected on the camera in real-time, and any changes on the camera show up on your mobile device too.

Restore Settings to Your Camera Effortlessly

Once you’ve achieved the perfect setup, Snapshots makes it incredibly simple to restore the settings to your camera.

Android phone connected to Nikon camera, showing the Reikan FoCal Snapshots restore summary.
Configure your camera from a Snapshot in one tap

Just connect your device to the app, tap the button and the customised settings will be synced in no time, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning images.

Share Your Settings with Others

Two mobile devices showing the Reikan FoCal Snapshots import and export functionality
Share and import your Snapshots

Snapshots also enables you to share your preferred settings with fellow photographers. Whether you’re working on a collaborative project or simply want to help someone else achieve the same shooting experience, Snapshots makes it easy to share your creative vision.

Snapshots can be shared between Apple (iOS/iPadOS) and Android, as well as with FoCal Pro on Windows and Mac

Compatible with Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras

Snapshots is designed to work seamlessly on both Apple and Android devices and with a wide range of Nikon cameras – including all the latest mirrorless Z cameras – ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your equipment.

A whole host of Nikon cameras from the D4s through to the Z9, showing the range of supported cameras for Reikan FoCal Snapshots.
(Almost) all the camera supported – from the D4s through to the latest Z9

We’ll be expanding the set of Nikon cameras supported in the near future, and will be looking to support other manufacturers.

Snapshots Premium Features

Great news: The full set of Premium features in Snapshots is available free of charge to all FoCal Pro (Desktop) license holders who are within their support period! So if you’ve bought FoCal or an update within the last 12 months, all you need to do is sign in to the app through the FoCal Account option in the menu and you’re good to go.

Reikan FoCal Snapshots premium features enabled on an Apple and Android device.
Premium features: free for FoCal Pro (Desktop) license holders, or available through In App Purchase

The app is free to download and lets you verify capture of Snapshots from your camera, giving you the opportunity to check camera connection adapters and general functionality with some demo. If you don’t have an active FoCal Pro (Desktop) license, you can purchase a subscription to the Snapshots Premium features from within the app itself.

If you’ve been a FoCal Pro user in the past, you can renew your support which gives you another year of FoCal Pro (Desktop) updates and access to the full Snapshots Premium features for not much more than the cost of the Snapshots Premium yearly subscription.

How do I get FoCal Snapshots?

Our dedicated FoCal Snapshots website has more information and links to get the app, or click the appropriate button below:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Let us know what you think

We’ve put a huge amount of effort into FoCal and FoCal Snapshots and would love to hear what you think and how you get on with the app. We hope you really like what we’ve created, if you’ve got any suggestions for improvements or features then let us know.

Thank You!

Thanks for everyone who’s helped in the development of the Snapshots feature, both on the Desktop version of FoCal Pro, and through testing early releases of the Snapshots app.

We hope Snapshots can help the world of photography by simplifying the process of capturing, editing, and restoring the myriad complex settings available on todays cameras.

With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with a variety of devices, it’s the ultimate tool for photographers of all skill levels.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your photography experience – download Snapshots today and take your creativity to new heights!

2 comments on “Snapshots for iOS & Android: Available Now!

  • Abraham Kleinfeld says:

    If I have a saved settings file from a Nikon Z6 (NCSET002.BIN) stored on my computer, can I load it into FoCal Snapshots directly from my computer, or does Snapshots require a connection to the camera?

    I am asking because I no longer have the Z6, but was hoping to use your Snapshots app to see the settings I had used on it.

    • The Nikon .BIN files are in a completely undocumented proprietary binary format, and it’s not something that’s used in FoCal. The Snapshots tool captures setting information over USB rather than using the BIN files. If you know someone with a Z6 and FoCal, you could get them to load your .BIN file into their camera and then capture a Snapshot and send it over to you, then you’ll be able to see the settings. (Note that Snapshots doesn’t capture quite as many settings as are present in the .BIN file as not all are available from the camera over USB).


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