Reikan FoCal 2.4 MR2 – General Bug Fixes

Hot on the heels of FoCal 2.4 MR1, we’re pleased to announce the release of Reikan FoCal 2.4 Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) for Windows and Mac. This release is a set of small but important bug fixes to improve usability and operation.

Reikan FoCal 2.4 MR2 Released

FoCal 2.4 MR2 Key Changes

FoCal 2.4 MR1 was a big update (see details here), and this release addresses a few minor issues with the last release.


  • Fixed a crash on macOS Sierra when connecting to Nikon cameras if some other devices (iOS or other camera devices) were connected at the same time.
  • Improved reliability of Nikon communications on Mac
  • Replaced some third-party software components that were potentially causing anti-virus warnings
  • Improved handling in Target Setup of the case where Distortion Correction was enabled on Canon cameras (symptom was “Object reference” error on startup of Target Setup)
  • Small improvements to initialisation of Canon cameras on all platforms

We’ve also moved our file downloads to much better enterprise grade hosting.  This should not only mean better availability and faster downloads, but also reduce any risks of false positives raised by some anti-virus software.

Why Release 2.4 MR2 and not Release 2.5?

This is a relatively minor update addressed at fixing a few small but annoying bugs in FoCal 2.4 MR1.

FoCal 2.4 Maintenance Release 2 means if you had access to use FoCal 2.4 released on the 7th December 2016 you will also have access to use FoCal 2.4 MR2.

macOS Sierra Support Status

We’re happy to report both Canon and Nikon cameras are supported within FoCal when using macOS Sierra with this release

All supported Canon cameras will now work with Sierra. During our Sierra testing we’ve found some interesting behaviour with both Canon’s own EOS Utility and FoCal with the very newest Canon cameras.

If you do have a camera connection problem with Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D and EOS 5D Mark IV please check out the FAQ entry Using macOS Sierra with Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D and EOS 5D Mark IV which describes a work-round that should help.

It’s an area we will continue to revisit, as mentioned on the FoCal 2.4 blog post ultimately we need Canon to update their interface libraries. Most Canon cameras will now work without issue with this 2.4 MR2 release on Sierra, the workaround given above for certain Canon cameras will not be required in a future FoCal release.

Software Support Status


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Mac:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
macOS Sierra (OS X 10.12) Canon & Nikon Fully functional (please see here for instructions for using Canon 80D, 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II)


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Windows:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
Windows 7 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 8/8.1 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 10 Canon & Nikon Fully functional

How do I get FoCal 2.4 MR2?

Download FoCal 2.4 MR2 by logging in to the LMS at Once logged in, you will see a download link to the software.

FoCal 2.4 is available for Windows (Windows 7 and newer) and Mac (OS X 10.9 – 10.12) operating systems, for users who are still within their Included Updates Period on the 7th December 2016 (2.4 release date). If your Included Updates Period had expired on the 7th December 2016, you can purchase another 12 months by logging in to the LMS at

If you don’t own FoCal, you can purchase the software as a download or boxed product, as well as Focal Hard Targets from the FoCal store.

The installation package contains the software, target images and a reference manual (also available on the Documents Download page).

9 comments on “Reikan FoCal 2.4 MR2 – General Bug Fixes

    • Hi Jon,

      Shutter count is definitely something we would like to provide. Current position is all Nikons are supported for shutter count and all Canon cameras except those made after the Canon 5D Mark III. Essentially Canon has prevented access to gain the shutter count on some of their newer cameras.

      Best Regards,

  • Zenon Char says:

    I ran into that connection problem with my 5D4 and Sierra. I did not use your approach. I did a few different sequences plugging in and turning the camera on and then it worked. I only did it once but I can’t remember what I did. I’ll try to reproduce it.

  • Zenon Char says:

    Can’t be be this simple. I never use Canon Utility but downloaded the latest version 3.6.10 as I have been reading that people where having issues with it and Sierra. Not FoCal related.

    Separately both Utility and FoCal recognize the camera. It is only when Utility is open it prevents FoCal from connecting to the Camera. When I opened Utility the launch Icon appeared on the top bar. I opened it and noticed I had selected ” Do not launch EOS Utility automatically when camera is connected”. I guess since it was so annoying I set it up that way long ago.

    With that setting it does not launch Utility so FoCal will connect to the camera. Either shut Utility down or temporarily assign that command before using Focal.

  • Zenon Char says:

    Final follow up. I don’t see this as a glitch or issue of any kind. The first time you open Utility the launcher appears in the top bar. For those who use Utility regularly it saves a step. The Utility launch icon connects the cam first and it won’t let FoCal connect which is it’s job. As I stated in the last reply just shut Utility off or tell it not to connect to the camera before using FoCal and then switch it back. We don’t use FoCal every day.

  • andrew o'brien says:

    I find it unbelievable that I’m expected to purchase this latest “bug’ fix update. You’re not wrong, the Nikon bugs are annoying…very.
    I’ll be finding a more reliable way of fine tuning my lenses in the future, you really don’t help yourselves.

    • Hi Andrew,

      We specifically made this release a 2.4.x version. That way if you had access to use FoCal 2.4 released last year you are able to use this release without further payment.

      Best Regards,

  • Richard Schons says:

    I’m using the Focal software (Version 2.6) to connect to a Canon 7D MKII. It connects fine. When doing the focus checking on a lens (Sigma 150-600 at 600) I get one to two points then the FoCal software crashes every time. Sometimes randomly it says i’m in live view then crashes. What horrible software. I would rate it a 0 right now.

    • Hi Richard,

      Sorry you are seeing problems.

      We definitely don’t expect to see that sort of crashing with FoCal, if you could raise a support request we can help.

      Crashing with FoCal releases is something from the past generally (thankfully!) but it can happen in rare cases due to faults in the USB cable which cause data corruption of messages between camera and computer. As above really support team can help! 🙂

      Best Regards,


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