A Quick Update on FoCal

We’ve been a bit too quiet on the Website, Facebook and Twitter recently, but that will change very shortly!  At Reikan, we’ve been working hard on some really exciting new developments which have been tough going but are nearly ready to preview.

An Update on FoCal and other tools from Reikan

Firstly, FoCal had some significant improvements and the next release will be FoCal Version 2.  Don’t Panic… the FoCal 2 upgrade will be free of charge to users of FoCal 1.x, so if you already own FoCal there’ll be nothing more to pay to move on to FoCal 2.

We’ve also developed some exciting new ways of more thoroughly testing your camera and lens performance in ways which FoCal can’t do (the screenshot above is one of the many prototype development versions of this new software, deliberately blurred as this definitley won’t be a final version!).  Keep an eye out for more information about this soon.

We also have a couple of  image manipulation/processing applications which we developed some time ago but never made it to release.  Again, no further details right now but we think you’ll like them.

Once again, sorry about the lack of communications recently, but the next few months will be pretty exciting times!

15 comments on “A Quick Update on FoCal

  • Hi, this new version can do full automatic improvement for 5D III / 1DX cameras ?
    No more about Canon to can add this feature ?


    • Unfortunately the new version won’t change the ability to control certain functions of the camera, so the 5Dmk3 and 1D-X will still require MSC mode. However, the 6D and 70D will be supported in fully automatic mode.

  • If i purchase the plus version that’s available now rather than waiting for version 2 later, when it’s released, will it be of any disadvantage to me in the future?

    This looks like a great product, seems very convenient considering other solutions.

    Regards, Jim.

    • Hi Jim. If you purchase FoCal now, you will receive the upgrade to version 2 free of charge when it’s released, so there’s no disadvantage with purchasing now.

    • Hi Bob. There are a couple of possible solutions to this that we’re looking into, but there’s not an easy obvious answer to this problem as the camera just doesn’t support the appropriate functionality over the computer interface. If it’s possible to do, we will make this available in FoCal.

  • Hi,
    I just got a new Nikon D800 body and went to my FoCal application and it said it needed an update. I went to the update site but I don’t think there is an update for OSX Maverick 10.9
    Is that the case or am I missing something.
    Thanks! Love the Program!

  • In multipoint testing how do you interpretate any discrepancies of the points if they are due to the camera’s af system or due to the lens

    Really amazing software

    • Thanks for your kind comment 🙂 The MultiPoint Focus Test only analyses a small area around each focus point, so any global lens effects (e.g. field curvature ) will not affect the results. However, if there is specific distortion at the analysis point (e.g. due to manufacturing defects in the lens) then this will bias the result. It’s would be worth looking closer if there are specific points of the MPFT which repeatedly show lower quality results.

  • What happened with version 2?

    It’s been a few months now and at the time of the post sounded like it was very near to release.

    • Hi Eric. Version 2 has grown somewhat since we initially posted about it. It’s now feature complete and we’re just making sure everything works as it should (there’s a huge amount of internal changes compared to FoCal 1 so this may take a little while). There’ll be further updates on the blog in the new year about the new features and some idea of the availability.


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