New Online Camera/Lens Information Tool

We’ve just launched the first version of our Camera/Lens Information tool which takes our database of uploaded FoCal results and lets you easily visualise the combined results of various FoCal tests from thousands of FoCal users!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II~EF24-70mm f_2.8L USM

You can find the tool on the front page of the website in the new Online Tools menu option, or just click here.  It’s very simple to use – just choose your camera, then choose your lens and you’ll see the information we’ve got on that combination.  There’s a pretty comprehensive help and information page linked from the tool page which explains how to interpret the data.

This is the first of a few tools that will be coming to the FoCal website based on the uploaded information we have.  If you use FoCal, it’s really useful if you can enable the Data Upload feature on the front page of the Settings/Preferences window.  The data is anonymous (except for your camera serial number which we only use to group the data) and we are only access the information to generate combined information like you see on this first tool.

We’ll also be adding functionality to the FoCal application soon which will allow you to automatically compare your results with the database to find out if your camera and lens are behaving as you should expect.  Keep an eye out for some exciting new developments coming soon.

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