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Bringing Dual Pixel Raw to Reikan FoCal

With the introduction of the EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon opened up some new possibilities for image processing with the introduction of Dual Pixel Raw files.  Following on from our previous post on the subject, we’ve been investigating how these files can help with autofocus calibration and general camera analysis.  The answer is… quite a …

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FoCal 2.3 – Adds Full Canon 5D Mark IV Support and Further Internal Improvements

FoCal Adds Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Support

FoCal 2.3 is ready! Canon’s newest dSLR camera is now fully supported within FoCal. In addition we’ve improved some key areas within FoCal, liveview will start faster on Canon cameras, we’ve been able to reinstate shutter count information for some of the older Canon cameras and laid the framework for upcoming support of FoCal on …

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5D Mark IV “Dual Pixel Raw” – Focus Overlay

Canon’s new 5D Mark IV has been announced and includes a feature that’s got our attention. The Dual Pixel Raw format allows for new types of post capture analysis, it’s early days but so far looks very interesting! Dual Pixel Raw Apart from the usual incremental improvements on the 5D line of cameras, Canon have …

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