Reikan FoCal Pro Reviewed in Amateur Photographer!

Very exciting to see Reikan FoCal Pro reviewed recently in Amateur Photographer, a well respected photography magazine.

Reikan Focal Pro Review


Amateur Photography rates FoCal Pro Recommended 4 and 1/2 (out of 5) stars!

We’ll snip a little from their verdict below:

YOU’VE spent a lot of money – hundreds, likely thousands – on your camera gear, or perhaps you were fortunate enough to be given your first DSLR as a present. With such valuable kit, it makes sense to take every meaure you can to ensure you are getting the maximum performance out of it. While it won’t fix a lens that simply isn’t sharp, it will help you get the most consistent AF performance from your DSLR lenses. There are entirely manual and cheaper ways to calibrate your lenses, but FoCal by Reikan offers a user-friendly and affordable solution that is practically foolproof.

We can’t post the entire article, the review itself appears in the 17th February edition. Digital magazine subscription is available, printed format available in all good magazine outlets (well in the UK at least!). You can also check out some recent Reikan FoCal Online reviews.

Reikan Focal Pro Review Amateur Photographer

The review provides a great overview of FoCal and good background information about when and why focus calibration is needed across 3 pages of the magazine.

Amateur Photographer Reikan Focal Pro Review

It’s great to see information about focus calibration talked about more widely and of course we love they decided to review FoCal Pro. Huge thanks to the author Jon Devo and Amateur Photographer magazine for such a well written and useful introduction to auto focus calibration with Reikan FoCal 🙂

Reikan FoCal Pro 4.5 Stars Recommended

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