FoCal 1.9.9 Released with Nikon D750 Support

We’re delighted to announce the release of Reikan FoCal 1.9.9 for Windows and Mac.  This version adds support for the Nikon D750.


Fixes and Improvements

The following is a list of the changes since the release of FoCal 1.9.8:

New features:

  • NEW: Support for the Nikon D750

Once again Nikon are taking some time to release the documentation for the D750, but we have enough experience with the progression of Nikon cameras to be able to implement the necessary changes for the D750.  We have thoroughly tested this release with the D750 and everything is operating as expected.

Software Support Status


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Mac:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Canon & Nikon Fully functional but no longer officially supported – we cannot guarantee operation and will no longer fix OS X 10.6 specific issues.
OS X 10.7 (Lion) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Canon & Nikon Initial testing results show that FoCal is fully functional on Yosemite.

We are no longer officially supporting OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  We will not stop FoCal working on this old operating system, but we can no longer fix any OS X 10.6 specific issues and will not be performing release testing on OS X 10.6.

Our testing with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) is not showing any issues with FoCal.  The latest Canon interface files do not officially support Mavericks but testing with Canon cameras works without any issues.  We will update to the latest Canon interface files when available (which will also allow us to support the upcoming Canon EOS 7D Mark II).


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Windows:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
Windows Vista Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 7 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 8 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 8.1 Canon & Nikon Fully functional

We no longer officially support Windows XP as this operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft.  However, we haven’t stopped the software working on Windows XP, so you should find that it still works OK if you are using this operating system, but we cannot fix any issues that might arise only on Windows XP.

Additional Information

The following is additional information specific to this release:

Known Issues

During testing, we noticed that if you have bracketing enabled on the camera this can cause issues with tests.  The effect will be pretty obvious – the test images will cycle in sets of 3 between normally exposed, under exposed and over exposed.  If you notice this behaviour, please make sure that bracketing is disabled.

Other Information

  • The Testing Guide is somewhat out of date and we are planning a rewrite shortly.  The general concepts are still very valid, but the operational information towards the end of the guide relates to older versions of FoCal.
  • The File Camera functionality in FoCal is no longer being maintained.  We don’t believe there are many users of this feature and we will be re-implementing the ability to run tests on files in a much more user friendly way shortly.

How do I get it?

If you already have a license for FoCal, you can download the software at no extra cost from the License Management System – you’ll see the link to the download once you log in.

If you don’t own FoCal, you can purchase FoCal Standard, FoCal Plus or FoCal Pro from the store.

MAC: The software is available as a disk image (DMG) file for OS X, containing the software itself, the target images and documentation in separate directories.

WINDOWS: The software is available as a ZIP file, which contains the software, the target images and the documentation in separate directories.

Installing on OS X (IMPORTANT!):

FoCal for Mac uses the Mono framework and this must be installed before using FoCal.  Please see this post for complete information on how to ensure your Mac is set up correctly to run FoCal.  If you do not follow these instructions, FoCal will NOT operate correctly!

QuickStart Guides

There are short guides available which help you through the installation, connection and first use of the software available for Windows and for Mac on the Document Downloads page.

9 comments on “FoCal 1.9.9 Released with Nikon D750 Support

  • Will the Nikon D750 be supported with automated changes- or will all adjustments be manual the way they were on the d600

    • Hi Kyle. Nikon removed the ability to control AF Fine Tune from the computer starting from the D300S, so you will be required to change the AF Fine Tune on the D750 in the same was as with the D600.

  • Focal complains that the ISO on my D750 is not set to the base ISO (64) however the base ISO of a D750 is 100 (not 64)!!

    • Hi Ryan. Sorry about that problem – we got the D810 and D750 base ISOs the wrong way round! The bug has been fixed and will be resolved in the next release – FoCal 1.9.10 – due within the next couple of weeks.


    • Hi Rich

      That’s right, but we got our development 7D Mark II a couple of days ago and have most functions working now. We’ll be running through a thorough release test cycle and hope to have FoCal 1.9.10 out with 7D Mark II support within the next 2 weeks.


  • I just tried Rel. 1.9.8, the same with -20 and D4. Tried 1.9.6 it’s the same with D4 and -20 but after three shots Focal Pro died….

    I can’t belive I’m the only one….

    • Hi Rudi,

      Are you still having issues, can you raise a support ticket so we can investigate?

      N.B. blog comments are not monitored in the same way as the support ticket system, please raise a support ticket with any issues.

      Best Regards,


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