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FoCal for Mac is now available and if you ‘re a new user (i.e. haven’t been trying the beta versions) we wanted to make sure that you understand the installation procedure as there are a couple of important steps that need to be done for this first Mac version (in future versions there will be no need to do these steps).

Installing Mono

FoCal uses the Mono framework and for this version you will need to install this framework separately from FoCal.  There are lots of different Mono download packages available, and to make things easy we have a downloading link directly from the FoCal website which links to two possible version of the Mono Framework that we have tested with:

To clarify, for new installation on OS X 10.9 or later we recommend Mono Framework 3.12.1.  If you have any problems with this, you can try version 2.10.9 (which is linked at the bottom of the above page), but in our testing we have found 3.12.1 to be much more stable for FoCal than earlier versions.

It is strongly advised that you use the link above to download the correct version, as an incorrect version will cause problems with FoCal (there are some graphics issues in mid version of Mono Framework version 3 which cause FoCal to crash during tests).

Once downloaded, the Mono framework is installed by opening the Package file:

You won’t see anything in your Applications folder – the Mono framework is copied to your computer (in /System/Frameworks) and provides the necessary support for applications like FoCal to run.

Note that in future versions of FoCal we will remove this requirement and explain how to remove the Mono framework from your computer should you wish to do so.

Running FoCal

In order to run FoCal, the first time you execute you shoudl right-click on the icon (or control-click if you are on a laptop) and select “Open”.   In the popup dialog, you will be told that “The app comes from an unidentified developer, and you may be at risk… Are you sure that you want to do that?”  Choose the accept option [you will probably be prompted for an admin account]. And that’s it, and you will be subsequently able to run the app simply by double clicking on it, or single-clicking on the dock.

If you have any issues with the step above or continue to get security warnings, you can change the Gatekeeper settings as described below, but only do this if you cannot start FoCal with the steps above.

OSX 10.7.5 and later Gatekeeper Settings

You should only change the setting below if you cannot get FoCal to run using the steps described above in Running FoCal.

OS X 10.8 (and later on 10.7.5)  introduced a setting which by default stops your computer running software which is not signed.  FoCal is currently not signed (although we are in the process of rectifying this and again this step will not be required in a future version), so you will need to change the following setting on your computer in order for FoCal to run.

You need to change this by clicking Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab and chancing the option under the header “Allow applications downloaded from:” to Anywhere:


Copying FoCal to Applications

When you download FoCal from the purchase email link or from the License Management System, you download a Disk Image (DMG) file.  When you open this file in Finder, a new disk will appear and a window similar to the following will be shown:

You can drag the FoCal application icon to the Applications folder in order to copy it to your computer and make it available in your applications folder.

The Documentation folder contains the manual and testing guide, and the Target Images folder contains the printable target image files.

OS Error -67053

If you see the rather cryptic error message below, it is either because you haven’t installed the Mono framework or the Gatekeeper settings are not correct.


Please see the beginning of this post for instructions on how to set these up correctly.

26 comments on “FoCal for Mac – Installation Information

  • Michael Fitzgerald says:

    I currently use Mac OS 10.6.8

    I do not have the Gatekeeper security and privacy screen mentioned above. Will this prevent me from opening FoCal?

  • Garrett Hayes says:

    I downloaded an upgade to version 1.90 and I saw that the MAC version was also available.
    I downloaded it, installed, including the mono framework and I tried to licence the product but when I entered my email address and the Pay Pal Transaction ID I get an error message” Error getting licence information. Entry not found. Please check email address and transaction ID”. Well, I have and double checked but I am still getting the error message.

        • Hi Caesar,

          Thank you for your interest in FoCal.

          Sadly Nikon did not grace that particular camera with the AF adjustment feature. There’s no way for a user to calibrate that camera with a lens and no ability to make the adjustment within the camera (whether using FoCal or some other method). Since the camera doesn’t allow user AF adjustment it won’t be recognised by FoCal and can’t be connected to the software.

          FoCal’s general policy is to support Canon and Nikon cameras that support AF fine tune adjustment, the page at provides a list of supported cameras.

          Best Regards,

  • Jean-Yves Hervé says:

    Changing the Security & Privacy settings to accept applications downloaded from anywhere is not a very good idea, IMHO, because this really opens a security hole in the system. It is much preferable to approve apps on a case-by-case basis.

    To do this [note that this is a one-time-only operation]…
    Instead of double-clicking on the app’s icon, simply right-click on the icon (or control-click if you are on a laptop) and select “Open.” In the popup dialog, you will be told that “the app comes from an unidentified developer, and you may be at risk, blah blah blah. Are you sure that you want to do that?” Click on the field that basically says “I know what I’m doing,” [you will probably be prompted for an admin account]. That’s it, and you will be subsequently able to run the app simply by double clicking on it, or single-clicking on the dock.

    • That’s correct. The 1D Mark III is an old camera and does not report it’s serial number until you run a test, so the Body ID is shown as “Pending”. After you have run a test, this information will be updated (so it will be correct in any reports and on-screen information etc).

  • I can`t find Mono 2.10.09, but only the 2.10.11. When I run test on the Focal it just quit right away. no error message.

    How do I find the correct Mono version when I can`t find it on the website.

  • Marco Sobral says:

    The site says it does micro focus adjustment automatically in 1dx, but when the program recognizes the camera says it has no support for 1dx

  • I don’t like to install mono.Is it possible to use Focalpro-Windows via vitualisation with Parallels?

    Regards, Marko

    • Hi Marko,

      Yes you can run FoCal via parallels, that will work fine.

      Please note, the comment section on the blog is not monitored in the same way as the ticket support system, please use that and we can help more quickly with any questions.

      Best Regards,

  • Viviane Silva Holanda Freitas Benevides says:

    I am running focal for the first time in my macbook and I get a message telling me to choose de manufacturer of the camera in “preferences” menu, but I couldn’t find “preferences” anywhere.
    I’ve pressed “find&connect” button but didn’t got any responses. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Viviane,

      It’s probably better to raise a support question (it will be seen quicker by the support guys and you will be notified of the response). Support form is at

      To answer more directly, if this is the first time you’ve run FoCal on your system you will need to select the camera type (Nikon or Canon) in the “Preferences” window via the OSX menu bar.

      It’s the menu at the top of your computer screen that says “FoCal”, it’s in a thin bar across the top of your display, the menu comes up at the same time you start FoCal.

      Best Regards,

      • Viviane Silva Holanda Freitas Benevides says:

        Thank you Dave.
        You are right about the menu location.
        I was searching for at Focal’s window.
        Thank you so much.

        • Good stuff! One of the cool things we’re doing for FoCal V2 (free upgrade for FoCal 1.x users) is to remove the need for users to make a camera choice, FoCal will detect the connected camera 🙂

  • Folks, I cannot get it running. I downloaded it, installed, including the mono framework. The App starts but as soon as I hit “Connect” the program closes suddenly… I am using a D810 and restarted the comp after each installation process (mono, focal,…)…. what shall I do?

    • Hi Ben,

      Mono framework is not required since FoCal 2.0, users should not be installing Mono at all for FoCal (if it’s still written somewhere let me know but it should no longer be mentioned anywhere in the docs or website).

      If you’re using Sierra macOS version then likely it won’t work at all or connect properly (Sierra is not supported with this or previous releases). If you’re not using Sierra then can you raise a ticket and we can investigate?

      Best Regards,


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