New Website!

Welcome to the new FoCal website!

The primary reason for this change is to make it easier for us to update the website, keeping it relevant and useful.  The original “black” website was manually coded and quite difficult to maintain, and we’ve been guilty of letting the information get a bit outdated.

Right now, quite a lot of the info on this new site is take straight from the old one, so we have a bit more work to do to make sure things are up to date.  But there are some immediate improvements:

  • The FAQ list has been updated (more to come on this).
  • There’s a new version comparison table, and more detailed information about each test.
  • We’ve now got a blog section, so we can post updates, release information, and general things of interest easily and quickly.
  • It’s black on white, rather than the other way round, which is somewhat easier on the eye!

There will be more updates over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back for more information.