FoCal 1.6 Released

What’s new in FoCal 1.6.0?

FoCal 1.6.0 brings the following improvements:

  • Significant improvements to the analysis and prediction algorithm
  • Addition of Canon EOS-1D X support
  • Improvements to the MultiPoint Focus Test
  • Automatic update check on startup – get quicker notification of new versions!
  • Various bug fixes


The key feature in this new version of FoCal is the improvement to the analysis and prediction algorithm. Whilst previously the operation was good, there were some situations which could make the prediction be less than ideal. Working with LumoLabs, we have tailored the prediction formula to the quality measurement calulcations, and improved the robustness of the mathematical operations which give the final AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune result.

What does this mean in practice? It means better consistency of results, better robustness to environmental differences during the test, and much, much less chance of erroneous calculation results giving a wrong final AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune result. As the prediction works so closely with the analysis calculation results, FoCal can even show you the best AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune result even if it’s outside of the -20/+20 range!. And finally, because the prediction works with less data, the number of shots required to get a final result is less – so the tests run quicker.

We’ve also added support for the Canon EOS-1D X. This superb camera can now be calibrated in the same way as the EOS 5D Mark III. The interface to the camera offers the same functionality so this camera will be used in MSC mode, but with the improvements to the analysis and prediction algorithm, there should generally be fewer shots required to get a result, so the testing will be quicker.

And the final big difference is some improvements to the MultiPoint Focus Test. When you run in AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune prediction mode, you can choose to validate AF consistency in a similar way to the operation of the Fully Automatic test. The Best AF Microadjustment indication in this test now uses the centre focus point as a reference and colours the other focus points to indicate whether they would ideally require adjustment nearer or further than the centre point. And finally, the analysed region is checked for suitability and indicated, if you accidentally misalign the target you can quickly see that incorrect areas of the target are being analysed.

We want to say a massive thanks to Falk Lumo of LumoLabs for his help with getting the analysis improvements added to FoCal. If you’re into the technical side of photography, the LumoLabs website is well worth a look – with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Falk is an absolute expert in this area!

If you already have a license for FoCal, this is a FREE upgrade which can be obtained by going to the License Management System , logging in and you will find the download links at the bottom of the page. Note that you do not need to update your license

If you’re interested in FoCal, click here to find out how to get the latest version of FoCal, or upgrade your version to Plus or Pro for extra features.

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Click here to find out how to get the latest version of FoCal, or upgrade your version to Plus or Pro for extra features.