Upload Results to Reikan

Reikan FoCal offers the ability to compare your test results against the results of other users of the same equipment types. This gives a fantastic insight into how your camera and lens compares in the real world – for instance you may be able to see that your
copy of a low-cost 50mm f/1.8 lens is absolutely razor sharp compared to most other copies, or your expensive 85mm f/1.4 lens is behaving poorly and warrants some further investigation.


In order to offer this comparison service, we rely on user uploads of data. This data does NOT include any images. With the upload option enabled, the numerical analysis results of your test will be sent to us (for example the sharpness value of the captured images at different AF Microadjustment values), along with your camera information (manufacturer, firmware, serial number, lens identification information).

The information uploaded will be associated with your FoCal account purely for the purposes of us offering the ability for you to review your historical data online, look for trends in equipment behaviour etc. The aggregated information reported back to FoCal for comparison of equipment is anonymised and contains no information which identifies a single user or piece of equipment.